Jackson, McNeill Continue Holdout; Chargers Offense Falls Apart
The AFC West has been ruled by San Diego since the days of Jake Plummer in Denver. However, this reign appears to be coming to a quick end. The Chargers have been plagued by holdouts this off season, and this disease does not look like it has a cure coming anytime soon.

The Chargers #1 wide receiver, Vincent Jackson, did not sign his one year tender by the deadline. Jackson has been seeking a long term contract with the Chargers and has not heard anything he has been happy with.

Marcus McNeill, the Chargers starting left tackle, is also in the same boat as Jackson. He did not sign his one year tender and will also become and unrestricted free agent at the end of next year along with Jackson.

Both players need to play 6 games this next season, in order for it to count as a full year on their contracts. If both players return by week 10 to play for the Chargers, the year would count and they would become unrestricted free agents next year. However, the could sit out the first 10 weeks of the season as holdouts and not affect their paycheck for next year.

This is just another shot that the Chargers organization is taking right to the groin. The Chargers willingly parted ways with future hall of fame running back LaDainain Tomlinson earlier this off season and entrusted their ground attack to the streaky Darren Sproles and the rookie Ryan Matthews.

Now that the two pro bowlers, McNeill and Jackson, are planning on sitting out, the Chargers domination of the AFC West appears to be at an end. Jackson was the Chargers only real deep threat through the air last year, and McNeill (just like any other left tackle) was the anchor of the offensive line. If both of these players continue their holdout, quarterback Phillip Rivers is set up for a horrible collapse under pressure, along with the rest of the Chargers.

The AFC West is now prime for the taking by either the Denver Broncos or Kansas City Chiefs (We still refuse to take the Raiders seriously). Both teams are in similar positions according to last years performance. The Broncos are in their second year with Head Coach Josh McDaniels while the Chiefs are also in their second year with Head Coach Todd Haley.

The Broncos started out hot last season with a 6-0 record, but finished the rest of the season 2-8 in one of the most colossal collapses in NFL history. The Broncos quarterback position will remain up in the air for the rest of the season, however, it appears that this year will be better than last with all of the competition at that spot. Meanwhile, the defense and running game should both improve and provide more stability.

The Chiefs on the other hand continue to improve. Quarterback Matt Cassel is a proven talent now in his second year in the Chiefs system. The Defense has tenative stars like defensive back Brandon Flowers and linebacker Derrick Johnson. The big story in Kansas City, however, is the scary running game. Thomas Jones, the ex-Jets pro bowler, joins Jamaal Charles in the backfield. Charles could be the biggest breakout player in the NFL next year. His 259 yard explosion on the Broncos in the last game of the season last year proved what may be to come.
(for more on the Chiefs, check out The Chiefs House)

So the the Chargers season appears to be in tremendous peril. Unless the front office can come to terms with their unhappy stars. We have seen how Phillip Rivers handles pressure in the playoffs, imagine how he will perform if the pressure of the ENTIRE season is on his shoulders. The crown of the AFC West is up for grabs.

I thought you had an idea of what you were talking ab out until you said that Denver or KC will take the division. If SD does not take it, and that is a big IF, then Oakland will win it.
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