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Rodgers Or Roethlisberger: How XLV Will Be Won
This year's Super Bowl depends on the blatantly obvious; the quarterbacks. As far as I am concerned, a quarterback is the reason the Jets are not playing the Packers on Sunday, so it is then fair to say that a quarterback is the reason the Steelers are.

The Packers defense is good, but I am not even sure the cheese-heads would have made the playoffs without the hot hand of Aar...
Will Carson Palmer Retire?
We all should have seen this coming. I mean, really, how long did we think Carson Palmer was going to put up with Cincinnati? Palmer has been a winner since his days at USC and the Bengals just were not cutting it.

Then there are all the semantics with Chad Ochocinco and T.O., Palmer just does not fit in with that group. He needs a Reggie Wayne or Wes Welker to really keep him happy.

Then ...
Why Mike Tomlin Might Be The Best
In a world dominated by "The Hoodie", Mike Tomlin is a dim light full of hope.

When it comes to the question of who is the best coach in the NFL, almost everyone will point to Bill Belichick right away, and maybe that is earned.

After all, what he has done with the Patriots franchise will forever remain a pivot point in NFL history. He has developed almost a perfect team using a low-draft pick ...
Rex Ryan And The Jets Are Good For The NFL
I am sure that some of you were happy to see the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the New York Jets in this years AFC Championship game. I, however, was not.

I know, they are too loud and too arrogant and they walk with a swagger that they have not earned yet, but hear me out.

The New York Jets are good for football.

They play the game in a way that would make Sammy Baugh happy. They keep their defen...
The Packers As The #6 Seed Make The NFL Go BCS
The Green Bay Packers have just become the first #6 seed from the NFC to make the Super Bowl.

The Packers...#6.

The Packers who are led by one of the NFL's elite quarterbacks who has every receiver he could ever want fueled by a new, young running game.

The Packers who boast defensive studs such as Charles Woodsen, Clay Matthews, and B.J. Raji.

Yeah, those Packers were apparently the weakes...
Hey Negative Nancy, Cutler Did Not Quit!
Seriously? We are having this conversation? Do we really think there was any chance at all that Jay Cutler sat out the majority of the NFC Championship in the second half on his own choice?

I really am not quite sure where all of this hatred on Cutler has come from. He is a quarterback in the NFL playing in his 18th game of the season. Yet, we are surprised he got hurt?

Hopefully you all saw th...
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